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    Inhuman treat is the hallmark of China where workers are seen as expendable ants, locked up in the factories, and caged in substandard concrete containment vessels called living quarters. Some of them have rebelled and a few have jumped off buildings in protest. Probably there have been a lot more “incidents,” but we all know the notorious Chinese government’s cover-ups. In China where there are millions of ants waiting for your job, they get away with long hours, seven days a week. After all, ants are expendable. Soon this will be all too common in Corporate America. And this is spreading to Europe.

    Using fear to control, squeezing “more-from-less,” extracting the last drop of lifeblood out of the workforce without consideration for the individual, the owners/stockholders, the wealthy one percent charge forward with their carefully laid-out plans to hoard more wealth and power at everyone else’s expense. They have been quite successful with this strategy. They have successfully personified labor unions as counterproductive evils (and some were), and cut jobs purposely to create fear. They’ve supported legislation to ship these jobs overseas, all the while finding one enemy or the other to distract our attention. This has increased their power and control over government, the workforce, and the population as a whole. Out of their conscienceless actions they intend to hoard more wealth, increase the bottom-lines, and exercise power to control over every aspect of life they can.

    Henry Ford’s model is being followed. He did create an efficient industrial schema, and he also was a monster. He had his private police force (The Pinkertons) invade employee’s homes, watch them to make sure they …

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